VC 8MP Disposable Manicure/Pedicure Nail Set (4 ITEMS)

Nail Set Items

    • Diamond Korea zebra file 178x28mm Grit:#150/150
    • Diamond Korea zebra file 178x28mm Grit:#180/180
    • Half-moon pink eva sanding buffer 178x28mm Grit:#100/180
    • Halfmoon Korea zebra file 178x28mm Grit:#240


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Consist of 4 different items that are essential in manicure/pedicure services. Perfect for filling nails and giving it the perfect shape you want. Premium quality material. Good grooming tool for acrylic, false or natural nails. Different grit numbers for different purposes in 1 set. Convenient to use and carry. Suitable for salon or home use.

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Item Sets

With Nail Brush, Without Nail Brush